Welcome to the Membership Department

The Aurora Sportsmen's Club, Inc. (ASC) is a private, members-only club that is actively recruiting new members to join, get involved and help ASC grow to reach its potential in Waterman, IL. Member candidates must be at least 18 years of age, legal residents of the United States of America, and if a resident of Illinois, must have a valid FOID.

How Do I Become A Member?

The application process is designed to allow new members to enjoy the club facilities immediately after the enrollment process ends. Applicants submit a completed application along with a non-refundable $25 application fee that is deducted from your initiation fee if you are accepted for membership.
The new member process includes attendance at the ASC Orientation/Safety Session, a Range Safety Check where the Applicant demonstrates safe handling and use of a firearm, and a New Member Interview. Applicants must bring hearing & eye protection, a firearm in good working order that they are comfortable shooting and at least 10 rounds of ammunition.
Submit payment for the balance of the initiation fee and first-year dues, and get your membership ID picture taken. Then receive a welcome and the New Member Packet.

Application Forms

All applications are now done through our online application process.  There are TWO steps and you must complete both steps!

Step 1) Fill out the application and submit your $25 application fee HERE

Step 2) Pick a date and RESERVE YOUR SPOT for an orientation HERE

New member enrollment sessions are held the 2nd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 AM and the 4th Sunday of the month beginning at 2:00 PM (except for the fourth Sunday in  December 2017.) A tour of the Club is available one hour prior to the start of each Orientation. Please check the Club Calendar to confirm the dates. All sessions are held at the ASC office on Preserve Road in Waterman, IL.

Please be courteous to others and cancel/change your reservation if you cannot make it.  Space is limited!

Membership Sponsors

During the current open enrollment period, a sponsor is not required.

Member Benefits

Regular Memberships include the primary member, spouse, and children under the age of 18. Members enjoy access to the facilities 365 days/year; member rates for some matches and classes, trap, skeet, 5-stand, sporting clays and other organized events; ability to bring up to three shooting guests at a time; and members-only Club communications.

Membership Costs

For a Regular Family Membership: There is an initiation fee of $280.00. The annual dues for membership are an additional $280.00 that are prorated downward monthly if you join after January 31 of the current membership year. Payment can be made by cash, check, MC, Visa, or Discover.
The Membership of the Club voted at the October 2016, General Membership Meeting to assess all members that were eligible to vote at that meeting a $15/month special assessment payable during 2017.

The Membership of the Club will again have the opportunity to vote on any 2018 special assessments, if needed, at the October 2017 General Membership Meeting.

New Regular Members receive the following upon joining ASC

  1. A PVC Photo ID card, key-card, Lanyard, and a key to the Club gates.
  2. Three free single-day-use guest passes.
  3. A New Member packet including various activity coupons and club information. 

Work Hours

New Members are required to contribute 10 hours of volunteer work during their FIRST 12 months of membership. After their first year, Members are required to contribute 5 hours of volunteer work each year. Many activities are readily available to fulfill the work requirement. ASC is an all volunteer club that depends on its members for club management, maintenance, and administration. Click here for more information about Volunteering.