Rifle & Pistol Rules

Rifle & Pistol Range Rules

  1. Muzzles must always be pointed in such a manner that a discharge will not impact the back berm higher than 10 feet above the ground.
  2. All shooters on any range must shoot from the same firing line which will be designated by orange cones.
  3. The only approved targets are: paper, clay pigeons, balloons and commercially manufactured reactive (non-exploding) targets. Plastic water-filled jugs may be hung from frames.
  4. Shooting on the move is permitted only for members, and only one shooter at a time may advance.
  5. Members must have and display a certification on the back of their ASC ID before any of the following:
    1. Shooting at distances from 201-600 yards. 
    2. Shooting when drawing from a holster.
    3. Shooting a mortar, canon, or artillery piece.